Our pine sauna

© 2019 Magnus CMSPlusSpend some relaxing hours in our new pine sauna! The inviting atmosphere, the magnificent pine smell and the unique view from the winter garden make having a sauna at Oberpiskoihof an unforgettable wellness experience.

In order to meet your sauna requirements, you have the possibility to choose between two different options.

Free use of the sauna for all guests

  • On Mondays and Thursdays, the sauna is open for all guests free of charge. Opening hours from 4 pm to 10 pm.
  • To avoid unnecessary heating up, we kindly ask you to write your name in the booking list at the entrance of the sauna by 12 o´clock.
  • The selected program of the sauna is the Finnish version (very hot and dry).
  • The sauna offers room for up to 6 people. First come, first serve.
  • Bathrobes are available by paying a deposit of € 20 each. Ring our door bell to request them.
  • Sauna towels can be found in the anteroom of the sauna, whereas you should take shower towels, shower gel and hairdryer with you from your apartment.
  • Out of consideration for other people, please keep quiet.
  • Whether you prefer to take a sauna naked or with your swimwear on, that's your decision. What matters most to us, is you feeling comfortable.
  • Children up to 14 years are allowed only if you reserve the sauna for your exclusive use.
  • Animals are not allowed.

© 2019 Magnus CMSPlus © 2019 Magnus CMSPlus © 2019 Magnus CMSPlus

Exclusive sauna use on reservation

  • Enjoy the sauna pleasure completely undisturbed: on reservation, you can use the sauna between 9.00 am and 10.00 pm on all other days of the week. The sauna and winter garden are then at your exclusive disposal.
  • We will be pleased to take your reservation within the evening before. First come, first serve.
  • You may choose between Finnish sauna and BIO sauna (high humidity, with temperature up to 70° C).
  • Costs for 2.5 hours: € 20
  • Your children are welcome.
  • Pets are not allowed.

Instructions for use: safety and liability

  • The basic requirement for taking a sauna is that you are in good health.
  • There is no staff present in the sauna and there is no emergency call system.
  • You enter the sauna of your own free will, and bear full responsibility for this decision. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences caused by using the sauna.
  • Please ensure your own security:

    1. Immediately leave the sauna at the slightest sign of discomfort or circulatory weakness and call for help
    2. Wear non-slip sandals or flip flops.
    3. Never stay alone in the sauna.
    4. Only tilt the windows in the winter garden.
  • Please leave valuables and street clothes in your apartment. We are not liable for the loss.

© 2019 Magnus CMSPlusPernthaler family wishes you a regenerating and pleasant sauna!