Holidays on the Oberpiskoihof

Welcome on the Oberpiskoihof Farm

Our beautiful Erbhof, a hereditary estate, lies at an altitude of 1280 m above sea level. Nearby there is a forest and an idyllic chapel called San Giacomo Chapel. From our farm you enjoy a magnificent view of the Odle Mountains, Funes Valley and Isarco Valley.

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Oberpiskoihof Farm has an interesting past.The first Pernthaler mentioned documentarily on 24 April 1736 was Jennewein Pernthaler von Ringenstein, a nobleman and Secretary of Court in Bressanone. Since that period of time the farm has always been run by his direct descendants. Because of this loyalty to the paternal inheritance, Vigil Pernthaler received an official document called Erbhofurkunde from the president of the provincial government on 1 February 1984.
The name Oberpiskoi is of Rhaetian origin – like the name of many farms in Funes. Our family arms show a bear holding a large silver coin.
Today Oberpiskoihof Farm is living proof that traditional values harmonize with modern values.

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Our Farm

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Not only meadows and forests make part of our farm but also an alpine pasture with a newly constructed mountain hut. Our family mainly lives on stockbreeding and diary farming. At the moment we are keeping 15 cows, pigs, rabbits and chickens in our stables. Your pets are also welcome.
We work our farm on a nature-oriented and sustainable basis. We only use renewable energy sources like wood and solar energy for heating.